Miscarriage Australia

Miscarriage Australia are researchers and clinicians who aim to help people affected by miscarriage. Using a human-centred approach we created a visual brand that would resonate with a broad audience, and design and developed a website that is the first-of-its-kind in Australia dedicated solely to evidence-based, medically-proven information and research regarding miscarriage.

Our goal was to create a brand personality that was warm, calm and relatable but also felt authoritative and gave a sense of reassurance. Throughout our design process and website development we conducted user testing with women from around Australia who had experienced miscarriage, to determine and refine ease of use, functionality and appropriateness.

Together, we have created a useful resource that is crucial in helping those affected by miscarriage feel less isolated and more supported.

Foreground Architecture

Sixheads was commissioned by Foreground Architecture to develop their new website as part of a bigger renaming and rebrand project.

Working with design agency Design Democracy, Sixheads goal was to produce a custom website that gave the client a great deal of flexibililty in creating content, while also enforcing a strong design aesthetic throughout.

The result is a eye catching website that puts the amazing work produced by Foreground front and centre.

Shepparton Festival

Situated in the Goulburn Valley region, not-for-profit community organisation Shepparton Festival, is a 2-week annual program full of events encompassing performance, music, literature, visual arts and food.

Taking cues from the new brand direction by design and events planning studio, Rye Studio, we created a new website that celebrates the energy and diversity of this growing regional arts festival.

Key to the new website was the ability for the Festival to be able to pivot and adapt with the changing events landscape. Online ticketing was introduced along with flexible filtering system for finding program events and an interactive Google map showcasing commissioned street art from the region.

Brand Design: Rye Studio
Website Design & Development: Sixheads

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

We worked with The Royal Eye and Ear Hospital, Australia’s only specialist eye, ear, nose and throat hospital, to achieve a complete redevelopment of their website making it easier for patients, visitors and health professionals to find relevant health information, patient fact-sheets and clinical services offered by the hospital.

Servicing over 250,000 patients in a typical year, an accessible website was a key deliverable, and special consideration was given for people with accessibility issues such as limited-English, vision and/or hearing impairment or loss, and people using assistive technology such as screen-readers.

We held regular consultation workshops with the Consumer Advisory Committee and key stakeholders in the organisation to ensure that as the project progressed their needs were always front of mind in all design and development decisions.

This collaborative approach resulted in an improved online experience, ultimately meeting the Eye and Ears project objectives and expectations.

The Centre

Sixheads were engaged to complete a website for not-for-profit community education provider, The Centre, who offer programs throughout the North East Victoria, with campuses in Wangaratta, Benalla, Seymour and Shepparton.

To better understand the needs of the organisation, and those of their audience, we held discovery sessions conducting workshops and interviews with key stakeholders and learners. Accessibility was also a key requirement as the website needed to clearly communicate to people with challenged backgrounds or those experiencing lower reading/writing capacity, vision impairment or cognitive disability.

Insights taken from these sessions were implemented into the restructured site architecture. We focused on simple and intuitive navigation with clear pathways for learners. Flexible content modules for video and images were also introduced to allow The Centre to tell more stories of past learners who had overcome their challenges to engage, and be successful, in the learning environment at The Centre.

Gateway Health

Sixheads were engaged to redesign and redevelop the public website for Gateway Health, a leading regional community health service providing a diverse range of primary care, allied health, counselling, health promotion, drug and alcohol, disability and community aged care services across the Ovens Murray region of Victoria. Stakeholder workshops and community consultation were key throughout the process and informed our core considerations for the overall structure, design and development of the website. 

Our list of recommendations we implemented included a modern design and layout that aimed to hit Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), improved accessibility and content experience with logical pathways for services, using plain-English language and terminology for client focused information, helpful accessibility tools for a more positive user experience and enhanced functionality for interactive features such as online medical bookings.

Canada Down Under

Canada Down Under is a key element of the Government of Canada’s digital engagement strategy in Australia. We were engaged to revitalise the visual identity by modernising the brandmark and accompanying graphic elements to create a consistent application across all their print, social and digital offerings.

We also designed and developed a comprehensive website that included a restructure of the design and navigation system to incorporate new thematic areas to showcase news articles and stories and to embed video content. With the reader experience in mind we also designed a multi-lingual CMS system to seamlessly switch from English to French to improve the readability and experience for all.

Banyule Community Health

Banyule Community Health (BCH) is a community owned and managed non-profit company, that provides public services, programs and advocacy. We worked alongside BCH to simplify their complex offering of services, working out a strategic approach to how content was featured and the pathways users would take to find the specific service they needed.

While easy navigation and accessibility was a primary consideration the design needed to be visually appealing and to reach out beyond the screen to convey their inclusivity and a welcoming sense of community. Adding flexible modules to the home page that could feature compelling community stories reinforces their rich history and the strength and vision of the organisation and the innovative work that drives them.

Design: Sixheads
Development: Sixheads

The Unicorn Hotel

The Mary’s Group operate a collection of award-winning bars and pubs around Sydney. Sixheads had developed the website for their Lansdowne Hotel and again teamed up with Creative Director, Leyla Muratovic, to build The Unicorn Hotel website. Part of the build included a customisable menu that could be viewed on all devices and easily changed and updated by the client.

Design: Leyla Muratovic, Mary’s Group
Development: Sixheads

Your Community Health

The new website for Your Community Health was part of a larger rebranding process for the centre, formerly known as Darebin Community Health. For this project Sixheads teamed up with Fathom & Co and Mono Design. Sixheads ran a number of discovery workshops with key members of staff to ensure that the new site captured the many and varied services offered by the centre. The website itself needed to be simple and straightforward for users and easy for staff to update.

Design: Fathom & Co
Development: Sixheads

Northcote High School

Northcote High School required a new website to better reflect the forward thinking approach of the school. Sixheads worked with content strategists Content Ark and design studio Mono Design to develop a modern site that answered the needs of a busy urban high school. Key templates required various content modules such as rich text, images and tables to allow design flexibility for now and in the future.

Content Strategy: Content Ark
 Mono Design
Development: Sixheads