Skills & Jobs Centre

The Skills and Jobs Centres are funded by the State Government to provide a free service to the community and improve individuals career opportunities with advice on jobs, vocational training and links to a range of services. Sixheads developed an easy to use site that also captured the dynamic design created by Sharrock Design.

Design: Sharrock Design
Development: Sixheads

Wells Advisory

Wells Advisory work closely with Higher Education organisations providing advice on establishment, change and growth strategies in Australia and Internationally. Sixheads was brought in on the project by JAC& to develop the new website for Wells Advisory. More recently Wells Advisory approached us to expand on the original site to reflect the growing size of the organisation and to be ready for future growth.

Design: JAC&
Development: Sixheads

The Lion’s Share

The Lion’s Share Fund is an amazing initiative founded by production company FINCH and the United Nations Development Programme. The fund is aimed at transforming the lives of animals across the world by asking advertisers to contribute a percentage of their media spend to conservation and animal welfare projects. Working with design by D.A.M Creative Studio, Sixheads was privileged to build the launch website.

Design: D.A.M
Development: Sixheads

Studio Hackett

Creative Director, James Hackett, established Studio Hackett (formerly Hackett Films) in the early 2000s and as they entered their next phase in 2017, they rebranded to better articulate their multi-disciplinary approach. Sixheads were brought onboard to design and build a custom WordPress website. We collaborated together creating a platform that would best showcase their expertise and we left Studio Hackett to do what they do best, create stunning visuals and content for the featured short videos.

Creative Director: James Hackett
Director of Photography: Sam Collins
Design: Sixheads
Development: Sixheads

Rise Business Coaching

Brian Higazi came to Sixheads to design and develop their online presence for their new endeavour, Rise Business Coaching. The design needed to showcase Brian’s friendly and approachable coaching style, but also educate the user about what was possible through the coaching process. From the users perspective, the site is professional and easy to navigate but the backend has been designed to be flexible, providing multiple options to display content and to feature upcoming workshops and seminars.

The Lansdowne Hotel

Sixheads was approached by the Mary’s Group to develop the new website for the iconic Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney. We developed a custom WordPress site to work with the bold, in-your-face design from Mary’s Art Director, Leyla Muratovic. A ticketing system was integrated using the InTix platform making it easy for booking agents to create new events and have them automatically pulled into the website.

Design: Leyla Muratovic, Mary’s Group
Development: Sixheads

CFA Societies

Sixheads worked with Journey Studio to build a new central platform for the different Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA] Societies throughout Australia and New Zealand. A custom theme was built on WordPress so that each society could have their own dedicated section to talk to their specific members, but could also share resources, events and job postings.

Design: Journey Studio
Development: Sixheads


The Australian distributor for Lacteeze, a range of lactase enzyme supplements for people with lactose intolerance, approached us to refresh the design of their website. An important focus was to be a dedicated resource that provides expert information, increased brand awareness and created a site that was easy to navigate and customer-friendly. We also styled and photographed the product packaging to create a cohesive design.